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Izakaya Den

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How do I get to Izakaya Den?

Our address is 1487 South Pearl St. Denver, CO 80210. (View map).

We are 10 minutes from downtown Denver, a few minutes away from I-25 & the Broadway Exit. Nestled between Washington Park and Denver University, we are conveniently located in central Denver. We also offer complimentary valet service

From the North:

Exit I-25 at Broadway(#207A) just after the Santa Fe Exit. Head South on Broadway to Louisiana Ave. Go left (East) 6 blocks to South Pearl St. Turn right (South) on S. Pearl for 2 blocks. We are at the corner of South Pearl Street and Florida, on the Northwest corner.

From the South:

Exit I-25 at Evans Ave (exit #203), left turn, West, on Evans. Travel through the DU area to Pearl Street (after University, before Broadway). Head North on S. Pearl for six blocks. We are at the corner of South Pearl Street and Florida, on the Northwest corner.

Parking Options

Complimentary valet service is available for Dinner service 7 nights a week, and at Lunch service M-F.

Located in front of Sushi Den, the valet can be used by Izakaya Den, Sushi Den, and OTOTO guests.

Our guests can also self-park at our recently-built restaurant parking garage, a half block south of Izakaya Den on the East side, across from OTOTO.

We validate parking for a reduced rate – $2.00 for up to 3 hours at our garage for our restaurants’ guests.

Please ask your server for the validation of your parking ticket.

The garage is also open to the Public at the posted parking rate.

You may also choose to use street parking. We recommend you make a note of the City’s posted parking limit signs, which are new in the neighborhood.

Do you take reservations?

There are a few ways to make your reservation.

We offer Private Dinner Party Reservation in our private dining room that accommodates up to 25 guests.  

We also offer a regular dining room reservation. Please make your reservation at izakayaden.net/reservations or by calling us at 303-777-0691 for lunch or dinner with the following information based on space availability.

  • As we do not seat incomplete parties, please remind your guests to be as prompt for your reservation time as possible.
  • We will hold your reservation for 10 minutes only after the reserved time.
  • We are unable to facilitate any call ahead seating requests for our wait list.
  • We do not take reservations at the sushi bar.

For Lunch Reservations Saturday   

  • Please note there is no lunch on weekdays and Sunday, however we have lunch once a week on Saturday. We open at 11:30 am and we close at 2:30 pm.
  • Based on space availability, we accept reservations between 11:30 am and 2:00 pm for parties of any size up to 10.
  • For larger parties, please contact one of our managers.

For Dinner Reservations on Tuesday-Thursday

  • We open at 5:00 pm and close at 10:00 pm.
  • We accept reservations between 5 pm and 9:45 pm for parties up to 10 people.
  • For larger parties, please speak to one of our managers.

For Dinner Reservations on Friday and Saturday Evening

  • We open at 5:00 pm and close at 11:00 pm.
  • We accept reservations up to 10 people.
  • For larger parties, please speak to one of our managers.

Is Izakaya Den open on national holidays in 207?

  • New Year’s Day – closed
  • July 4th – Gone Fishing! Closed all day
  • Labor Day – closed all day
  • Thanksgiving Day – Gone Fishing! Closed all day
  • Christmas Day – Gone Fishing! Closed all day

Any tips on being seated quickly?

  • Tuesday-Saturday, the wait normally starts from 6:00 pm and ends around 9:00 pm. So please do come in before 6:00 pm or after 9:00 pm to avoid the wait.
  • The wait is significantly shorter on major game nights.
  • It is very easy to be immediately seated for lunch (Saturdays only).

Is there a dress code?

No dress code, you can dress casually or dress up.

When is Happy Hour?

  • Tuesday – Friday – 4:30pm – 5:00pm (at downstairs bar, cocktails only)
  • Tuesday – Friday – 5:00 pm – 6:00pm (for food and drinks, upstairs and downstairs cocktail bars)

How does Izakaya Den get such fresh fish?

One of the most important ingredients of sushi making is getting the freshest fish available. In Colorado, as a land locked state, many sushi bars do not have easy access directly to the fish market. We are one of the very first sushi bars in the United States to purchase directly from the fish market in Japan. At Izakaya Den, Koichi, our youngest brother, is stationed at one of the largest fish markets, Nagahama Fish Market, located in our home prefecture in the southern-most island, called Kyushu Island.

At 4:00 AM, he carefully hand selects the freshest fish just unloaded from the boat, then within a few hours, the fish speeds its way to Denver, arriving within 24 hours. Toshi also goes to the local fish market at 7:00 AM in Denver 6 days a week, where he painstakingly handpicks the freshest fish available just for that day. We also source many exotic fish from Alaska, Seattle, Boston, Hawaii, Florida as well as from Philippines, Canada, Mexico, and Spain.

Please enjoy our Freshest Catch of the Day directly from the renowned Nagahama Fish Market.
Check back daily for menu updates.

What other menus do you offer at Izakaya Den? 

Not only do we offer many sushi items that are cooked, we also offer an extensive menu of fusion, vegetarian, gluten free and traditional dishes from our kitchen. For dessert, we bake our light and delicious cakes and pies daily, using only the finest ingredients.

Does Izakaya Den offer Take Out Service?

We accept any take-out orders except from the happy hour menu, as well as some sushi items. However, no delivery service is currently available. Please see the Sushi and Kitchen menu to order.

Does Izakaya Den cater?

We can accommodate any requests you have based on your budget. If you wish, we can send you one of our chefs from the restaurant to prepare sushi at your party. Please contact our managers at Sushi Den, 303-777-0691 or e-mail us at andrea@izakayaden.net to discuss the details of your special occasion.


We love helping to celebrate your special events with you, including bringing your own cake or dessert which we are happy to cut for you.

  • However, due to health department requirements, we can only accept into the restaurant those desserts/cakes from a recognizable, commercial bakery in a labeled bakery box which clearly lists all ingredients and where the cake was purchased.
  • Please know we charge a dessert/cake cutting service fee of $1.50 per person in your party, which is subject to state and city sales tax.

Have Our Pastry Chefs Prepare Special Dessert

  • With 3 days of advance notice, we are happy to have our in-house pastry chefs prepare a special dessert/cake for your party or event. Please contact our managers for more information and pricing.


Sushi Den has been on the vanguard and regarded as one of the premiere sushi and Japanese restaurants in the United States since opening Christmas 1984. Independently owned and operated, Sushi Den continually raises the bar and sets the standard for high quality cuisine.  www.sushiden.net / 303-777-0826

Izakaya Den is Sushi Den’s sleek little sister, right next door on Old South Pearl Street. Izakaya Den is the winner of the American Architecture Award for its refined design with an homage to its Japanese roots. Serving global cuisine and the same freshly sourced sushi as her big sister, Izakaya Den provides a memorable dining experience. www.izakayaden.net / 303-777-0691

OTOTO is the latest addition to the Sushi Den and Izakaya Den, a more casual ambience, raw bar and Robata grilled skewers, as well as a premium sake list. While Izakaya is called Sushi Den’s sister restaurant, OTOTO in Japanese means “younger brother”. Together they form a trifecta to honor Japanese cuisine on the “Den Corner”. www.ototoden.com / 303-733-2503


Synergies between the three operations, shared resources of staff, storage, and management.

As an old Japanese story goes, a famous warlord in southern Japan 400 years ago, who was the father of three sons, gave each son one arrow and instructed them to break it. Each son easily accomplished this task. He then gave them 3 arrows at the same time and told them to break the three together. They could not break the arrows that were grouped together. The father wisely told them, “Work together and help each other. You are much stronger together than separated.”