Make Your Own Sushi


1. Introduction

History of Sushi

Content of the Class

Party Ideas


2. Practical Sushi Making

Get started

Take off your watch or jewelry

Wash hands

Familiarize your equipment

Knife, Makisu, Wasabi, Temizu, towels, sushi rice, seaweed, sesame, etc

How to use your knife



3. Style/Type of Sushi

Hosomaki – Avocado Roll (6pc)

Tatemaki – Unakyu Rolls (5pc)

Uramaki – California Rolls (8pc)

Temaki – Poki Hand Rolls (1 Hand Roll)

Nigiri Zushi


Yellow tail/Hamachi



Gunkan Scallop


4. Weight of each Sushi rice

Hosomaki – 2.5oz

Tatemaki – 3.5oz

Uramaki – 4.5oz

Temaki – 2oz

Nigiri-zushi and Gunkan- zushi – 0.5oz


5. Party ideas

Make Your Own Hand Roll Home Party ideas


6. Further information
Please contact

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